What about Jana?


Jana is from Germany, was raised in Spain, and loves travelling and communicating with YOU in different languages.

Jana Herde is a German name, so people in Spain could never pronounce my name properly…

Jana has a degree in Fine Arts, she always had quite of a creative mind, and the degree helped her to get in touch with like minded people, she always loved being involved with all kinds of creative projects. 

After doing many jobs, in the turism industry, in Fashion, Art Work, sometimes even as a waitress or organizing activities for children, she found Network Marketing. In MLM she started reading books from Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carlegie, and others..

Network Marketing, traditional MLM brought Jana to read books about personal development, financial education and to get inspired by people that where able to help others, while they built residual income making businesses, to be run from home. 

Running a business from home and achieving financial freedom, while empowering others to do the same, and find their true bliss, enjoying life and building a dream life, never, EVER, left Jana’s mind again. 

After traveling a bit, accumulating life experience, meeting very interesting people, and finally becoming a mother, getting married, divorcing again, and struggling to make a good income for her daughter and herself, she begun to search online, for a better way. 


Being a single mother, she begun blogging about fashion, understanding very soon that some more training was needed to be successful.


Finally, after going through another personal developing phase, getting coaching (learning from Mary Morrissey, T.Harv Ecker, Brian Tracy, Kim Kiyosaki, or Andy Shaw), working hard on herself to make the right decisions, an getting rid of her since age 7 suffered Asthma... she found the right people, that offered her a way out through online marketing business. 


It’s fun, but I love talking about myself in third person, because it’s my movie, my story, and I’m proud of being in a position where I can express myself, share with others, and help people get the tools they can use, that can make them build a life that they love. 


Jana enjoys sharing, and being invited to speak and share her life experience and journey with the world, is priceless to her!! 







Welcome! I'm Jana

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