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Did you know bloggers have agents?

Back in 2010 they started blooming… representing successful bloggers and of course capitalizing on their success and influence (read the reference post, The Dirty Truth about Beauty Bogging).

But what happens if suddenly an agent has power over what you publish, and an opinion on how many followers or likes you have on social media platforms? I guess you already get what I mean…

Listen, it’s worth it… because I expose here why such thing is never going to happen to me. I don’t need an agent to blog…



I started Blogging about fashion a few years ago, really loving it, sometimes wanting to throw my laptop out of the window while struggling with wordpress, but loving it. 

No no, seriously… do you know what pain in the *ss it is to start blogging if you have no idea of what you’re really doing?

If you have no idea about coding? If you don’t know what a domain is? If you don’t know what widgets are?

If you try to compete with beauty and fashion bloggers that already are a brand, and very established in the industry, you will have a really hard time. 

It takes way more than writing or posting nice pictures to be successful, you need to see and run your blog as a business, there is no way around it…(I know Elin Kling would agree on that)

But what did I do after more than a year trying and not being successful? Bye the way, my blog was called “Just Want to be Wonderful”. You can see the posts from 2013… very fun..

I managed to have a little group of followers, and to create a little but very solid network of people that where more successful than me. And that is quite of a good sign I guess, to be noticed by people that have been in the industry longer than you.

They followed me on twitter and still are in touch, cause they liked my work, point of view and approach (I was a bit different than most fashion bloggers), of course that helped me get a little confidence, and showed me how great Twitter is for business!! Although I still was a baby using Twitter…

I’ll always be grateful for having such good professionals, passionate bloggers still interacting with me, like the guys from Attire Club (See Attire Club’s Blog) for example, they are one of the best sites for man’s fashion on the planet, in my opinion.

And to see our businesses grow is amazing!! So yes, I learned something, but also needed a change. 


Long story short… I saw that I needed a different system to be seen: 


  • to make people love my content and read it always!!



I needed something made by people that where already 6 and 7 figure earners in the business, that I could learn how to use and profit from, but without losing my fun for sharing and Blogging. 


Did id cost me something? Of course!!



Forget about the wrong idea that free Blogging is all you need to have business blog going, and making you an income, it’s bull***. 


And the most interesting part here is that if you use a Blogging system that provides you the tools you need, you never will be dependent on agents, or somebody telling you what to blog about. 


You get what you pay for. What do I pay for? 


  • I pay for a Blogging System, all set up for me. 


  • For all the tools I need to capitalize on my blog, already in place!


  • I pay for having professional marketers, taking care of all the heavy lifting and the techie stuff (this one rocks!!!)


  • And most important, I’m part of an incredible community of professional bloggers, that know all the tips and tricks.


  • SEO nightmare? They make it simple for you.


  • What the star bloggers know, is here!


What would it hurt to try? I never regretted it. 


Stop being a blogger nobody is hearing or seeing...start being a Super Hero blogger. Ask me how, sign up, or click on this banner to get started now and personally coached my me. 


Still not Using it- JOIN Us HERE



If you’re a fashion blogger in the making, a network marketer, somebody in the real estate industry, if you have a product to sell…or a single mother like me, wanting to build a business from home, with something to share, start!!

This is your tool!!





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