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 Yoda’s success secret?

Maybe you think I’m nuts, or this is not a serious article about success…but this is very serious and you definitely need to listen and read, if you want to profit from it. Come on, it’s Yoda talking about success!

Funny? Maybe, but again, things are there, and the Law of Reversed Action, will help you give your career and your life a twist, if you understand and feel how to apply it. 


Here is the thing: 



I teach people valuable information about Brain Training, The Law of Attraction, and other tips and tricks I have learned along the way and applied, with great results!


But we all hear about The Law of Attraction, Law of Reciprocity or even Law of Accumulation (Related post with best selling author and expert Brian Tracy), but Marilyn Jenet is surprised (after 30 years of experience) of never hearing anybody teaching the law Yoda knows about: 


Law of Reversed Action


He does mention it in Star Wars, remember? 



“No, try not!  Do or Do not, there is no try”



Let’s make this a short but very clear post: 


  • If you keep trying it means you’re not finishing, not getting the result you want. 


  • If you keep saying “I’m trying”, you send out a message of failure


  • If you’re trying, you’re not doing, it’s as simple as that!


Words are everything, you train your brain with words, you create new thinking patterns by using words.

Ask any Hypnotherapist that knows how words to build your thinking, your behavior, your mindset! 


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So simply don’t say it,

don’t say “I try”,



Say I do instead…or…

I will do my best today

I want to do this as good as I can

I decide to do this today

I will learn to do this


But don’t try.


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