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Moms have not been working like in a job, while raising their kids. Of course, they are not in the “career latter”, they don’t deal with a boss, they don’t advance in their career if they are stay at home moms. 

But what does staying at home really mean? How different is staying at home from a 9 to 5 job? Is it really that bad for your career to stop for a few years for being with your kids? 

We could argue about this “stay at home moms don’t have a real job” subject for weeks, but let me tell you how many advantages a mother that stayed at home can have, if she wants to build an online business.

I mean, a mother can really have more than one soft skill, that will make her a lot of money if she has the right training and system.





Here is a list of skills that a mother probably will have, that you being single, without kids, or a guy, will maybe never develop: 


  • A mother or stay at home mom, will know her priorities even better than you, without kids.

A mother knows how valuable a few hours without her kids can be, and can be incredibly productive using those hours.

  • Say at home moms, and also single moms or working moms, usually know when multitasking is useful.


  • Mothers usually have good emotional intelligence, or at least they have to use it at home every day!


What better reason to start working from home, than freedom for you and your kids?


  • Mothers have more energy than you can imagine, where others would stop, they just do it!


  • A woman with kids, and a job, will value an opportunity of making a good living from home. 


  • Specially single mothers or working moms, need to be great at Time Management.


  • To mothers, no matter in what situation, to be financially free and have more quality time with their family is more than appealing.

To pay for everything your kids need today, or will need in the future, you better work for your yourself and your freedom, not for your boss.


  • Women usually are really good in managing their money, finding where to spend it or save it (remember how they go shopping and find the great sales). Mothers usually see that investing in a good opportunity, pays off. 


And last one:




Women have proved to be great investors (if you want to learn more about that, don’t miss Kim Kiyoski’s teachings about women and investment).

Women are not ashamed of making a mistake, asking questions, or learning from more successful people.


If this does resonate with you, than you have to know that I’m a single mother, and I managed to learn how to run a profitable blog, learn online marketing skills and tricks. 

To know how to connect with like minded people, and share my experience and information, so people like you can do the same is something great to do!

Learn how to run your business online, how to build a better present and future for you, and your kids, if you have kids.

And if you don’t, it’s fine too… a good business is a good business, and time and money freedom is what we want, isn’t it?

If you’re here, it means you’re also looking for something different. 

I will listen to you. 


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So start now, you really have nothing to lose. 

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