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Why do I listen to Subliminal Audios?? Here an explanation…

Subliminal audio messages are a steady stream of positive affirmations, hundreds of empowering positive affirmations embedded into another audio track, ideally soothing, relaxing, background sounds designed to put your mind into a deep theta wave and mildly hypnotic receptive state.

The affirmations are recorded subliminally, just below the audible threshold, at a level that is perfect to bypass the critical conscious thinking mind and be picked up by the receptive and sensitive subconscious mind.



Exposing your subconscious to affirmations is very powerful as the subconscious brain is easily impressionable. It does not judge, or think critically or logically, as the conscious mind does. The subconscious just accepts and acts on what it is given, which with positive affirming subliminal audio messages is: powerful, abundant and healthful life-affirming information.


The subconscious is a big part of all of actions we take and the choices and decisions that we make each day. It is responsible for our likes and dislikes, our beliefs and also influences our emotions and moods. The subconscious mind is responsible for both our conscious and subconscious habits and actions. All of our inner thought processes and programming is governed by the subconscious. The programs that play and replay over in our minds is all subconscious programming.

With subliminal audios you can bypass the conscious mind barrier and instate positive thoughts directly onto your subconscious. When information bypasses the conscious brain, it is processed by the subconscious brain as true.


Old negative thoughts will be replaced by new positive thoughts that will change the way you look at yourself and the world around you. New healthy empowering programs take over in your mind.

Now, making positive changes in your life and taking action towards the life of your dreams will be effortless and fun. You will automatically make decisions and take actions to support your goals and desires. The blocks you held against your highest well being will disappear and the abundance of the world will naturally and easily flow to you.

Text from Robins Key, thank you!!

I admit it is not easy to explain how Subliminal Audios really work on your brain and mind, so I’m glad I found this great text for you.

If you want to get some of the Audios I personally use (FREE GIFT), now you can have a look at them HERE…




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