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What do successful people know about Personal Development? Well, maybe the fact that many highly successful people write or talk about their personal development often, can give you some ideas…

But let’s talk about what happens, if you don’t need it:



All of my top 10 gurus or people I’m inspired by ( like Robin Sharma, T.Harv Ecker or Mary Morrissey) , and learn from every day, have a long way behind them on personal development.


Of course some of them might be naturals in stuff I needed to work hard on (or not, really not necessary being a natural), but that depends on your personal case and life path.

One thing is for sure, nobody became successful over night, or without making radical changes, or really clear decisions at some point that never seem easy or supported by your environment.

In most cases, it’s persistence, creative thinking, and constant learning together with very smart work that leads to success. 

And how to endure such a process? Because being persistent with habits that are not always simple to learn, and sticking to your ideas and dreams even if everybody you know, seems not to get your project or vision… is no walk in the park. 

So… yeah… personal development, is the magical word. 




I do know from experience and learning, that motivation is not always needed if you have such a strong dream, that it’s all you can feel and think about. The dream drives you, not motivation.

Motivation has more to do with will power, because it concerns the activities you actually don’t enjoy. 



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So what if somebody approaches me for business, but tells me “I don’t need personal development”?

Well, if somebody is not aware of the importance of it, and that hi or she not having results is probably due to lack in personal development, then I know that reading a few books about it is the first step. 

But of course you can’t force people to learn that are not willing to. 

If you already have a journey behind you in practicing self awareness, and personally developing yourself, your skills and you ability to dream, this could be the right place for you.

What do you want? Why are you here? 

What is the solution to your struggle? Any struggle at all? … or just curious about personal development or how to run an online business blogging, and marketing online?


Whatever it is, you can subscribe now, see the video below, and get very valuable information. 





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